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One of the main policies defining the strategy of the European Union for the year 2020, given the name of EU 2020, has been designated as "Industrial Policy for the Globalization Age". In this process, particular importance is given to SMEs representing more than 90% of the economic activity in EU countries. In this context, a program called COSME (Competitiveness Program of Enterprises and SMEs), which covers the years 2014-2020, has been put forward by the union. KOSGEB is the national coordinator of the COSME Program. The budget of the COSME program is the main actions;
Increasing the access of SMEs to finance,
Improving access to markets,
Development of framework conditions and
It was set at 2.3 billion euros for seven years in order to encourage entrepreneurship.

Eligibility Criteria
Eligible applicants
Applicants in the consortium must be legal entities. Consortia 2 EU member / COSME participants must be composed of at least 2 legal persons from the country. Real people can not apply. The consortium must have at least one public institution and be a coordinator. Consortia consist of public institutions and institutions established under national laws. These;
Profit-free organizations (Public or private),
Public institutions,
Research centers,
There may be profit-intentional entrepreneurs.
Applications from legal entities established in the following countries are eligible:
EU member states
COSME participant countries
The duration of the project should be maximum 24, minimum 18 months.
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