ERAMIN-2 ERA-NET Co-fund R&D Projects Call:
Topics: Primary Resources, Design, Machining, manufacturing and re-manufacturing, Secondary Resources (Recycling of the outdated products)
- Open: 1 February 2017
- Close: 5 May 2017
QuantERA Quantum Technologies Call 2017:
Topics: Quantum communication, Quantum simulation, Quantum computation, Quantum information sciences, Quantum metrology sensing and imaging, Novel ideas and applications in quantum science and technologies
- Close: 15 March 2017
TRANSCAN-2 Cancer Call:
Topics: “Minimally and non-invasive methods for early detection and/or progression of cancer”
- Close: 13 February 2017
E-Rare (Rare Disease Research) Call:
Topics: Transnational Research Projects for Innovative Therapeutic Approaches for Rare Diseases
- Close: 1 February 2017
SOLAR-ERA.NET 2017 Call:
Topics: Innovative and low-cost PV manufacturing issues, Advanced PV products and applications, PV system integration, CSP cost reduction and system integration
- Close: 20 February 2017
FLAG-ERA 2017 Call:
Topics: Graphene (Basic Research), Graphene (Applied Research and Innovation), Human Brain Project (Basic and Applied Research)
- Open: 12 January 2017
- Close: 14 March 2017
ERA-NET Cofund Sustainable Urbanisation Call:
Topics: Robust Knowledge, Indicators and Assessments, Multi-level Governance and Management of the Food-Water-Energy Nexus, Managing Potential Strategies and Solutions to address emerging, Risk and Tradeoffs at the intersection of Sustainable Urbanisation and the Food-Water-Energy Nexus
- Close: 15 March 2017
CHIST-ERA II Project 2016 Call:
Topics: Lifelong Learning for Intelligent Systems, Visual Analytics for Decision-Making under Uncertainty
- Close: 17 January 2017
EuroNanoMed III 2017 Project Call:
Topics: Regenerative medicine, Diagnostics, Targeted delivery systems
- Close: 16 January 2017